I woke up this morning to 90.1, my local area National Public Radio station.  It is a classical NPR station and their programming I find interesting and informing. 

To the point…as I was listening to the classical music, I imagined what the future of radio would be like.  As our culture becomes more visual and less patient with life.  Everything has to be done quickly and almost spoon fed to the mind.  Not to say that television and the internet are bad mediums; on the contrary, they are great ways to give audiences information.  And I learn new bits of information everyday using the internet and television.

To be honest, we all know it is easier to watch a news report than read or listen to it in a newspaper or on the radio.  However, you cannot watch tv or read a newspaper when you’re trying to drive or doing something in another room. 

The question and what I intend to research more is the future of radio in general and radio journalism in general. 

Stay Tuned for part 2

blessed be ❤



Hello world!

July 7, 2008

I have written blogs before on myspace, facebook and some other websites.

I set up this blog for a media class I am taking at Lander University in my hometown of Greenwood, South Carolina. 

So the title, “Grace’s Randomness” really is what this blog will be.  I tend to be interested in many things from all types of literature, music, films, languages, history, countries and so forth.

So, I hope whoever reads this likes what they may stumble upon in the randomness that is my ramblings for Media Convergence.

Thanks so much and blessed be,